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Interdisciplinary Consulting Corporation is a Gainesville, Florida based Sensor and Electronics Design & Build Manufacturer

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Company Overview

Headquartered in Gainesville, FL, IC2 was created in 2001 initially to provide a commercialization path for UF-generated intellectual property (Interdisciplinary Microsystems Group @ UF), specifically in the areas of MEMS-based instrumentation, flow control, acoustics and smart materials. IC2 has since solidified its focus around a core mission of developing precision sensors to advance the measurement of aerodynamic and aeroacoustic quantities.

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Co-founded by Dr. Mark Sheplak, an internationally recognized expert in the area of instrumentation-grade, MEMS-based sensors for fluidic and acoustic measurements, and backed by a team of engineers and scientists, IC2 brings multi-domain expertise in aerospace testing, precision sensor development, and proven MEMS fabrication technology. Through intimate exposure to experimental aerodynamics and aeroacoustics and decades of interdisciplinary research and development, we have gained a deep understanding of the measurement challenges aerospace engineers and researchers face, and how to precisely overcome them.

What we do

Building Scientific-Grade Sensors.
Propelling Aerospace Test.

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Experimental aerodynamics and aeroacoustics engineers and researchers face a formidable challenge: Taking careful, accurate measurements of highly complex, dynamically changing phenomena under typically harsh environmental conditions. As a result, they have perpetually struggled with measurement quality that is insufficiently precise. This a direct result of under-performing tools that increase testing time and cost and limit the ability to fully validate models. Until now.

Born out of the distinguished labs of the Interdisciplinary Microsystems Group (IMG) at the University of Florida, Interdisciplinary Consulting Corporation (IC2) builds on two decades of research and rigorous testing to deliver scientific-grade precision sensors that push the envelope of aerospace measurement accuracy and performance.

From wind tunnels and other ground test facilities to flight test platforms, IC2 delivers scientific-grade measurement tools that provide unprecedented performance, including:

  • Higher bandwidth and dynamic range
  • Greater accuracy and precision
  • Higher spatial resolution
  • Ability to operate in environments considered too extreme for most sensors


Our Leadership Team

David Mills, Ph.D.

David Mills, Ph.D.


Chip Patterson, Ph.D.

Chip Patterson, Ph.D.

Vice President

Mark Sheplak, Ph.D.

Mark Sheplak, Ph.D.

Chief Scientist / Founder

Jim Underbrink

Jim Underbrink

Senior Technical Fellow

Head Office

2405 NW 66th Court
Gainesville, FL, 32653

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