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IC2’s main headquarters, including our manufacturing, R&D and characterization facilities are located in Gainesville, FL. Our facility is equipped to enable modeling and design, sensor packaging, and test and characterization all under one roof. We also partner with the University of Florida and utilize sensor fabrication equipment at the UF Nanoscale Research Facility (NRF). Our laboratory continues to grow, recently bringing online critical acoustic test infrastructure including several apparatuses for characterizing the frequency response of sensors up to and exceeding bandwidths of 1 MHz.

R&D, Manufacturing and Characterization Lab


The laboratory currently houses specialized and general purpose test and measurement equipment, including multi-channel data acquisition (DAQ) systems, low-noise voltage preamplifier, multiple power supplies, function generators, and oscilloscopes, an optical stereo microscope with digital imaging, data acquisition and modeling computers, and acoustic test equipment (acoustic plane wave tube, compression driver, audio amplifier and research grade reference microphones). IC2 also utilizes packaging and assembly equipment (precision die align flip-chip bonder, digital ball/wire bonder, reflow soldering stations and precision epoxy dispenser with UV Curing). Additional test and measurement equipment includes a probe station, faraday cage, impedance analyzer, laser vibrometer, anechoic chamber, and wind tunnel.