Alan Gurlaskie Excelling in Summer Internship at IC2

by | Aug 13, 2021 | Employee News, Announcements

Alan Gurlaskie Excelling in Summer Internship at IC2 2

IC2 is pleased to announce Alan Gurlaskie has joined our team for a summer internship at our Gainesville, FL location. Alan is a bright electrical engineering student in his senior year at the University of Florida where he has excelled in digital signal processing and reconfigurable computing. Mr. Gurlaskie is also well-versed in multiple programming languages (C/C++, VHDL, Python, & more) as well as the ability to work within standard modelling and simulation software environments.

Alan jumped right into working on various important projects here at IC2. From testing and calibration to PCB layout and circuit design, Alan’s skillset has already proven to be a great fit for the engineering team. As IC2 continues to perform on a growing list of SBIR and STTR contracts and other consulting services, the demand for qualified engineers to perform extensive performance testing and intelligent design is also on the rise. The addition of Mr. Gurlaskie’s capabilities to our team will help facilitate the summer rush of projects and help to provide our customers with quality scientific instrumentation.

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