IC2 President David Mills Earns “Distinguished Alumnus Award” from the University of Florida MAE Department

by | Apr 25, 2024 | Employee News, Announcements, Press Releases

The University of Florida (UF) Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering (MAE) Department’s rich history of renowned graduates is celebrated and highlighted through the “Distinguished Alumnus Award,” the highest alumni distinction the MAE Department offers. IC2’s president, David Mills, is the latest recipient of this honor and will be recognized on April 25, 2024, at the UF MAE Annual Celebration and Awards Banquet.


Dissertation to Distinction

Dr. Mills completed his M.S. and Ph.D. in mechanical engineering at UF in 2010 and 2014, respectively. His dissertation, “A Sapphire MEMS-Based Optical Shear Stress Sensor for High-Temperature Applications,” became the cornerstone of his professional career as David continued development of advanced aerospace technologies while transitioning from Senior Engineer to Vice President of Engineering and ultimately President of IC2. “It was quickly evident that David would be an elite doctoral student as he possesses a rare combination of top-shelf analytical and practical hands-on skills. Later in his career at IC2, his leadership attributes blossomed to complement his technical skills resulting in the most talented mechanical engineer that I have ever known. The distinguished alumni award is well-earned” David’s Dissertation Chair and IC2 co-founder Mark Sheplak said.


Located near the University of Florida in Gainesville, FL, David and IC2’s commitment to and foundation within the local economy illustrates the cradle of talent and business opportunities UF has honed for generations. The Greater Gainesville business ecosystem, shaped through its collaboration with UF, paved the way for IC2 to grow and David within it. A decade later, David leads a team of 20+ engineers developing novel products for the global test and measurement market. The receipt of this “Distinguished Alumnus Award” honors Dr. Mills’ professional accomplishments through innovation and technical skills learned during his time at the University of Florida.

UF MAE’s Distinguished Alumnus Award

From the UF MAE website, “The Distinguished Alumnus Award is the highest honor the MAE Department bestows upon an alumnus/a and is in recognition of a particular achievement of noteworthy value, a series of such achievements, or a career of noteworthy accomplishments.” Previous recipients of this award range from NASA Astronaut to TV Host of “Two Guys Garage”, to Orthopedic Surgeon, to Chief Scientists and other leadership within the US Department of Defense (DoD). David joins this elite group of alumni through a “unanimously and enthusiastically endorsed” selection via the UF MAE Honors and Awards Committee.

Innovations in Aerospace

Under David’s leadership, IC2 consistently delivers quality and timely results for government and commercial clients alike. IC2 has recently expanded its product line to offer wall shear stress sensors, fluctuating pressure sensors, aeroacoustic microphones, and wireless distributed data acquisition systems. David’s unique passion for providing measurement scientists with niche tools has accelerated and guided IC2’s maturing commercial offerings and consulting portfolio.

IC2’s sensor offerings are largely based on MEMS (Microelectromechanical Systems) technology – a field where David’s academic and professional experience has led to IC2’s suite of novel sensing technologies. These tiny yet powerful devices have proven to be game changers, offering unprecedented precision and reliability in a variety of aerospace applications. The company’s rapid ascent is a direct reflection of David’s vision: to harness the potential of MEMS technology to create sensors that are not only innovative but also accessible.

Leadership and Legacy

Dr. Mills’ leadership style puts trust in his staff and invites innovation through collaboration. His belief in the potential of his team has cultivated a culture of innovation at IC2, leading to the development of groundbreaking aerospace technologies. His approach to leadership is not just about achieving business goals, but also about inspiring his team to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the field of test and measurement.


Over a decade into his professional career, David has made significant contributions to the industry. As Principal Investigator, he has successfully completed over 20 small-business government contracts. His work has been recognized in over 30 journal and conference publications, and he has overseen the commercial launch of a suite of aerospace measurement solutions.

David’s legacy is also evident in the growth and success of IC2. Under his leadership, the company has developed a range of innovative products that are transforming the global test and measurement market. His vision for harnessing the potential of MEMS technology has led to the creation of commercialized products making a significant impact on the industry.

David’s journey from academia to engineering leadership mirrors the University of Florida’s core values in excellence, discovery, and innovation. As we celebrate David’s achievements, we also celebrate the spirit of possibility and innovation found in Gainesville, the University of Florida, IC2, and the broader scientific and engineering community.

Please join us in congratulating David on receiving this honor!

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