IC2 Announces MHzPressure™ Sensor Product Release

by | Jan 20, 2023 | Announcements, Press Releases, Tech News

IC2 is pleased to announce the release of our new MHzPressure™ Sensor, a fully calibrated, high-speed, mean and fluctuating pressure sensor that enables wide-band performance for hypersonic flow measurement applications.

Based on IC2’s proven piezoelectric MEMS pressure sensing technology, the small form factor offers the potential for drop-in replacement of existing instrumentation in scale wind-tunnel models. With a full magnitude and phase response calibration, MHzPressure sensors provide unprecedented high-frequency pressure measurement accuracy and resolution, providing aerospace engineers with a new tool to improve the fundamental understanding of high-speed transition to turbulence and validate computational models, paving the way for advancements in hypersonic flight.

MHzPressure Sensors

Laminar-to-turbulent boundary layer transition is a key concern in the design of next-generation hypersonic vehicles and weapons; however, the ability to measure when and where transition occurs on a hypersonic article suffers from a lack of proper instrumentation.

In addition to our standard sensor package, our MHzPressure™ Sensor is also available in custom packages to fit our customer’s specific needs. Custom packaging can be used to accommodate unique installations or multi-sensor packages where closer sensor-to-sensor spacing is necessary.

If you would like more info on our MHzPressure™ Sensor, please visit our product page. If you have any questions about the sensor, custom packaging, purchasing, or any other questions or concerns, please email IC2 at sales@thinkic2.com.

IC2 Announces MHzPressure™ Sensor Product Release 3

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