IC2 Awarded NASA Contract to Develop Advanced Acoustic Liners for Aircraft Noise Reduction

by | Jun 29, 2016 | Announcements, Contract Wins

IC2, a pioneer in the development of micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) based sensors for aerospace applications, today announced that NASA has awarded the company a new SBIR Phase I contract to develop low profile, low frequency, adaptively-tuned acoustic liners for improved noise reduction in aircraft engines.

“Though we are in the early stages of development, this technology offers the potential to improve noise reduction in aircraft engines while simultaneously reducing weight and drag compared to existing technologies.  Our approach uses an adaptively-tuned smart material to maximize noise suppression under changing engine conditions.  This adaptive tuning method uses very little power while offering potentially enormous performance benefits.”

Conventional approaches to aircraft engine noise reduction via passive acoustic liners are limited in performance, particularly at lower frequencies, where improvements are gained through increased liner depth. Typical engine nacelle installation clearances, however, limit liner depth and prevent further improvements in low frequency noise reduction using these conventional approaches. IC2’s technology addresses these limitations via a low-profile, tunable acoustic liner for modern aircraft engines capable of significant noise attenuation at lower frequencies than currently achievable. The innovative approach lowers the resonant frequency and enables significant reductions in cavity size and volume. Significant net weight savings is achieved due to the large reductions in cavity volume (via corresponding decreases in cavity wall surface area). The end result is lower frequency noise attenuation with simultaneous reductions in liner depth and weight.

The technology provides the following benefits for acoustic noise reduction:

  • Optimum absorption of sound at frequencies half of those achievable with currently available technologies.
  • Decreased liner depth
  • Decreased liner weight
  • In-situ, automatic tunability for optimum absorption under different engines and engine conditions.
  • Broadband operation through MDOF performance and individual impedance tuning

The work will be carried out in conjunction with the University of Florida.

About IC2

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