IC2 Awarded Phase 2 NASA SBIR Contract to Develop Flat-Pack Optical Pressure Sensors

by | Sep 17, 2021 | Contract Wins, Announcements

IC2 is pleased to announce its recent contract award to continue development of a novel Flat-Pack Optical Pressure Sensor. This contract, titled “High-Temperature, Flat-Pack Optical Pressure Sensors for Combustion Noise Measurement,” is a Phase 2 SBIR from NASA with a two-year period of performance. During this two-year effort, IC2’s engineering team proposes to complete design and fabrication of fiber-optic pressure sensors to enable high-temperature measurements with instruments that minimize flow disturbance and electromagnetic interference.

During Phase 1, in a project of the same title, IC2 demonstrated the ability to fabricate and package these optical pressure sensors and made strides in sensor design optimization and manufacturing. The measurements enabled by these sensors at extreme temperatures allow aircraft design engineers to acquire aft-engine data during static engine tests over a much wider operational envelope than is currently possible. In addition to the expanded temperature range, the use of fiber optics in the proposed instrumentation provides an enhanced immunity to electromagnetic interference. With continued improvements in accuracy and performance, IC2’s flat-pack optical pressure sensors stand to offer measurement scientists critical tools for advanced measurements.

From the technical abstract:

“The Interdisciplinary Consulting Corporation (IC2) proposes to develop an instrumentation-grade, robust, high-temperature, low-profile, fiber-optic pressure sensor for model-scale ground test and full-scale static engine and in-flight test applications. This work is aimed at addressing the aerospace industry’s need for technically feasible and economically viable high-temperature, aft-engine measurement capabilities that enable required noise diagnostic capabilities including characterization of fundamental jet noise sources and structures, and robust measurement capability for making combustion noise measurements.”

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