IC2’s Building Purchase Enables Growth, Impact

by | Jan 24, 2022 | Announcements, Press Releases

IC2 purchased and moved into a nearly 10,000 square foot building in December 2021 that provides a threefold increase in its office, lab, and manufacturing space. Mark Sheplak, IC2’s Co-Founder and Chief Scientist, on the value of this acquisition, stated: “The new facility will enable IC2’s continued growth for years to come. The timing was perfect as we were space-constrained in terms of capacity and capability.”

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The new facility features a 3,000 square foot laboratory/manufacturing space to house existing and upcoming test, validation, and manufacturing capabilities. Current equipment includes a laser vibrometer, wire bonding station, flip chip bonder, environmental chamber, PCB assembly station, sensor characterization and calibration apparatuses, and a breadth of electronics testing equipment. Additional capabilities will be added in 2022 including a small-scale wind tunnel for sensor testing and characterization, a wedge bonder for expanded wire bonding services, and an automated pick-and-place and larger reflow oven for prototype and low-volume production PCB assembly services. The new facility is located near the previously leased space in NW Gainesville, FL, a growing area for small businesses across multiple industries.

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IC2 has more than doubled its staff since moving into its previous office in 2018. David Mills, IC2’s President, said, “The new location will fuel continued growth over the next several years by enabling us to bring more highly skilled engineers and product developers on staff while also expanding our R&D and production operations.” IC2’s expanding product line over the next few years will require additional space and technical resources for continued successful research and product development and then for transitioning those developments to commercial products.

IC2’s customers are on the leading edge of aerospace research and development where new precision measurement capabilities can have significant impacts. IC2’s mission is to provide innovative precision instrumentation solutions to the global test and measurement community – a mission enabled, in part, by this new facility.

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This step marks a key point in IC2’s journey and growth. This newfound expansion is the culmination of endless hard work and innovation from management and engineering staff alike. Throughout their journey, the IC2 team has strived to create novel engineering solutions to solve a variety of gaps in customer capabilities. By expanding its resources, IC2 will be able to provide these novel customer solutions at an increased rate and with improved efficiency.

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The IC2 team appreciates the ongoing support from the aerospace community and looks forward to the future journey together. If your travels bring you near the Gainesville area in the future, IC2 welcomes you to tour its new facility.


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