IC2 President David Mills Presents DirectShear Sensors at SciTech 2021

by | Jan 13, 2021 | Announcements

Dr. David Mills will be giving two presentations at AIAA’s SciTech 2021 regarding recent improvements to IC2’s DirectShear sensors. Wednesday’s topic, “The Potential of Direct Wall Shear Stress Measurements on Wind Turbines,” will occur at 1:00 PM EST. Thursday’s 2:30 PM EST presentation is titled, “Temperature Sensitivity Reduction of a Capacitive Wall Shear Stress Sensor System for Low-Speed Wind Tunnels.” The wind energy presentation is focused on the potential benefits (and challenges) associated with implementing wall shear stress sensors in wind turbine applications for both R&D and active wind power plants. The presentation discusses some recent results obtained by researchers at NASA and University of Florida (UF) using DirectShear sensors, current work in extending the DirectShear sensors to rotorcraft applications, and further adaptation that would be required for use in wind turbines. In wind turbines, rotorcraft, and automotive applications, the inherent nature of the measurement surfaces experiencing forces due to acceleration affects the sensor output. By compensating for these forces, measurement scientists will have a new found ability to measure wall shear stress on rotational objects. 

IC2 President David Mills Presents DirectShear Sensors at SciTech 2021 2

Similarly, temperature fluctuations are commonplace in testing environments. Correcting for these variations is key to signal fidelity in any sensor. Utilizing a built-in approach, DirectShear sensors are able to account for these disturbances, yielding more accurate results and extending DirectShear’s application space.

Both presentations represent IC2’s acquisition of recent SBIR projects to enhance the novel wall shear stress sensing system. By adding acceleration and temperature compensation abilities to the line of first-of-its-kind sensors, DirectShear sensors broaden their ability to provide important data to measurement scientists. The temperature compensation feature is now incorporated into our current generation of sensors, and acceleration compensation is currently being developed as a part of an Army Phase 1 SBIR “Direct Wall Shear Stress Measurement for Rotor Blades.”

These technical sessions will be available for re-watch for the duration of the 2021 AIAA SciTech Virtual Forum. If you are interested in learning more, please reach out to us at sales@thinkic2.com or utilize our contact page for additional information. 

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