IC2 Receives Patent for Sensor Backside Wire Bonding

by | Apr 14, 2020 | Announcements, Patents

IC2 recently received US Patent #10,461,239 titled “Microscale Sensor Structure with Backside Contacts and Packaging of the Same” for our breakthroughs in sensor packaging. VP of Engineering David Mills led this research and implemented the backside wire bonding in our DirectShear line of wall shear stress sensors. Backside contacts allow for the minimization of flow disturbance by eliminating the need for wires to protrude from the front of the sensing element.

backside contacts ic2 2 backside wire bonding
IC2 Receives Patent for Sensor Backside Wire Bonding 2

Traditionally, backside contacts were achieved by using through-wafer-vias (TWVs), which inherently are a particularly complex and difficult fabrication structure to achieve at the microscale. By eliminating the need for TWVs, backside contacts become an easier feature to fabricate. From the patent abstract, “A microscale sensor structure is provided that enables backside electrical connection to flush-mounted microscale sensors without through-wafer-vias (TWVs). A flush-mounted microscale sensor can be fabricated without TWVs by providing a sensor support substrate with openings for electrical connection access to the backside of a device layer.”

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