IC2 Receives Phase 2E to Continue Development of Wireless Ground-Test Arrays

by | Oct 11, 2022 | Contract Wins

IC2 was recently awarded a Phase 2E SBIR contract to further the capabilities of their planned future product line under the project titled “Field Deployable Wireless Data Acquisition System for Ground-Test Arrays.” This Phase 2 Enhancement contract will enable IC2 to improve key parts of the data acquisition system to prepare it for the open market. IC2’s wireless ground-test arrays solve a multitude of problems encountered by measurement scientists including the substantial labor and material costs associated with deploying current wired solutions.

From the project abstract, “IC2 proposes to develop a field-deployable wireless data acquisition system for microphone phased arrays that are applicable in noise-source localization or beamforming measurements such as those encountered during airframe noise flyover measurement tests. The proposed measurement system … allows for faster, higher-accuracy, lower-effort/cost testing by minimizing the technological, logistical, and cost-prohibitive issues of performing field-deployed microphone phased-array tests. These improvements will allow for increased usage of phased-array flyover testing, and increased size/resolution arrays.”

About IC2

IC2 provides innovative precision instrumentation solutions to the global test and measurement community, delivering scientific-grade measurement tools that offer unprecedented performance, including:

  • Higher bandwidth and dynamic range
  • Greater accuracy and precision
  • Higher spatial resolution
  • Ability to operate in extreme environments

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