IC2 Selected for Army SBIR Enhancing DirectShear Sensors in Rotorcraft

by | Mar 23, 2021 | Announcements, Contract Wins

IC2 is pleased to announce its recent Army SBIR contract award titled “Direct Wall Shear Stress Measurement for Rotor Blades.” The primary goal of this effort is to upgrade DirectShear sensors to include acceleration compensation which will enable operations on rotating and moving bodies. Potential applications for this innovation in DirectShear sensors are in the measurement of wall shear stress in rotorcraft, wind turbines, automobiles traversing a track, and in-flight testing for fixed-wing aircraft. 

The Army Research Office’s BAA for Fundamental Research states, “shortcomings in understanding the details of unsteady flow separation, reverse flow phenomena, and dynamic stall continue to limit the capabilities of Army rotorcraft vehicle platforms.” The technology proposed would assist in the understanding of the complex unsteady flow dynamics exhibited by rotating blades as well as providing predictability for the onset of dangerous dynamic stall scenarios. 

DirectShear sensors entered the market in 2017 and have since seen a variety of enhancements to improve stability, survivability, and performance. IC2 is always listening to our customers’ feedback and customization requests, and as such, made it a priority to pursue this contract to enable this enhanced measurement capability. DirectShear sensors are also currently on a product enhancement path to provide the ability to directly measure shear stress in a broader range of environments. Potential feature upgrades that are in the pipeline include: acceleration compensation, two-dimensional sensing, protective coatings to enable use in liquids, and more. 

IC2’s integration of the technology developed through this contract aligns well with plans for new product releases and feature upgrades planned for the lifetime of our DirectShear product line. Being able to adapt DirectShear technology to applications outside of the wind tunnel represents great potential for our customers to measure wall shear stress in a much broader range of test scenarios. Shown in a previous post, “DirectShear Sensors: The Latest Tool in the Quest for Greener Aircraft,” these sensors allow research engineers to properly characterize wall shear stress components of drag to create future transportation vehicles that are more efficient. 

To learn more about wall shear stress measurement, check out our blog series entitled, “A Guide to Wall Shear Stress Measurement.”

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