IC2 VP, Chip Patterson, to Present at NASA Acoustics Technical Working Group Meeting

by | Apr 7, 2022 | Announcements, Tech News

Mr. Patterson, IC2’s VP and Lead Electrical Engineer, is scheduled to present the advancements made during a NASA Phase II project, Field Deployable Wireless Data Acquisition System for Ground-Test Arrays, to the NASA Acoustics Technical Working Group on Wednesday April 13th. From NASA’s website, “The NASA Acoustics Technical Working Group Meeting originally started as a program planning meeting in 1992 and has grown through the years. The purpose of these biannual meetings is to foster communication and collaboration among NASA researchers and their university, industry, and government colleagues on activities and work of current and future mutual interest.” Chip’s 45-minute presentation begins at 11:35 AM on Wednesday April 13th and registration for this hybrid event can be found here.

This Phase II project is focused on the development of a field-deployable, wireless data-acquisition system for microphone phased arrays that is applicable for noise-source localization or beamforming measurements such as those encountered during airframe noise flyover measurement tests. IC2 has made major technical advances throughout the project and is poised to deliver the capabilities developed to the open market in the coming years. This measurement system allows for faster, higher-accuracy, lower-effort/cost testing by minimizing the technological, logistical, and cost-prohibitive issues of performing field-deployed microphone phased-array tests. These improvements will allow for increased usage of phased-array flyover testing, and increased size/resolution arrays. Potential applications for the system include field-deployed noise flyover-measurement tests, and field-deployed engine-stand noise emissions tests. The realization of this capability not only benefits the testing of next-generation innovative noise-reduction airframe structures, but also impacts turbine engine test facilities, extending the current capabilities of flight- and ground-test facilities.

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