IC2 Wins NASA SBIR for Field Deployable Wireless Data Acquisition System

by | Jul 7, 2020 | Announcements, Contract Wins

IC2 is pleased to announce that NASA has selected the company for a new Phase 2 contract from the 2019 SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) program for Field Deployable Wireless Data Acquisition System for Ground-Test Arrays. From the solicitation abstract, the goal of the project is “…to develop a field-deployable wireless data acquisition system for microphone phased arrays that are applicable in noise-source localization or beamforming measurements such as those encountered during airframe noise flyover measurement tests.”

NASA, and other commercial and government entities, perform flyover testing for commercial aircraft noise in order to meet FAA regulations regarding noise emissions during takeoff and landing. These tests require intensive manpower, cabling, and calibration in order to be successful. The distributed wireless array proposed in this SBIR enables improved measurement capabilities due to reduced cost per measurement point allowing for higher channel count and the ability to increase the size of test arrays without the costs associated with current approaches to array deployment. 

This system is also potentially applicable to performing sonic boom tests in remote areas, often impeded by high-temperatures, large areas of coverage, minimal cellular coverage, and manpower requirements to position and protect the microphones spread throughout the testing environment. The combination of all these problems leads to many inefficiencies and require significant time and money to be successful. The IC2 proposed technology has the potential to alleviate many of these troubles “…to allow for faster, higher-accuracy, lower-effort/cost testing by minimizing the technological, logistical, and cost-prohibitive issues of performing field-deployed microphone phased-array tests.”

From NASA’s SBIR website, “Phase II is focused on the development, demonstration and delivery of the innovation,” and this contract will last 24 months.

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