IC2’s Academic Pricing Aims to Enhance University Research

by | Apr 5, 2019 | Tech News

technical resource libraryFounded in academic research, IC2 fully understands the needs and constraints of collegiate programs: and it’s pricing reflects that idea. To best serve those pushing the technological envelope, IC2 offers an academic discount on the entirety of it’s product line. From our DirectShear™ Optical and Capactive Sensors to our upcoming line of standalone electronics, university programs can now benefit from IC2’s groundbreaking technology without (ground) breaking the bank.

The instrumentation industry requires an inherently symbiotic relationship between those conducting experiments for educational advancement and those manufacturing the next generation of tools used in these research projects. Only by the cyclical nature of this relationship can both researchers and manufacturers progress in a parallel manner. As graduate research continues to test the boundaries of science, the need for more advanced instruments can create barriers in the experimentation process. Similarly, manufacturers require third party validation of their instruments, ideally through their use in publications and dissertations. By offering generous academic pricing, IC2 is furthering their contribution and commitment to the success of academic studies.


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IC2 provides innovative precision instrumentation solutions to the global test and measurement community, delivering scientific-grade measurement tools that offer unprecedented performance, including:

  • Higher bandwidth and dynamic range
  • Greater accuracy and precision
  • Higher spatial resolution
  • Ability to operate in extreme environments

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