Welcome to IC2’s New Website and Branding!

by | Jul 30, 2019 | Announcements

IC2 invites you to check out our new website and branding! In the works for the better part of 2019, we are excited to be able to provide our customers with a refreshed experience on our website.


This new site offers an updated user experience, clear product descriptions, upfront pricing, and a convenient chat option to enhance our ability to help our customers in a timely fashion. By adding these personal touches (your chat messages come straight to my phone!) IC2 hopes to better guide our customers through the journey of finding the right instrumentation tools.


We also also excited to share our new logo design by local Gainesville artist Dee Natour. She was a pleasure to work with and was very willing to work with our engineering minds to iterate through many designs. The icon on the left side of the logo was inspired by the interlacing fingers of our DirectShear™ Sensors.


I’m personally happy with how the various product pages came out, such as; DirectShear™ Optical Sensors and its associated Control Unit. You can also now clearly see all the different Services we offer, including Sensor Design, Fabrication, and Custom Electronics Design.

I invite you to send me a message (via chat or email @ info@thinkic2.com) if you notice any issues on the site or have any other comments on the overall feel of our new brand!


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About IC2

IC2 provides innovative precision instrumentation solutions to the global test and measurement community, delivering scientific-grade measurement tools that offer unprecedented performance, including:

  • Higher bandwidth and dynamic range
  • Greater accuracy and precision
  • Higher spatial resolution
  • Ability to operate in extreme environments

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