IEPE Power Supply


The ASC-1401-SAL Integrated Electronics Piezo-Electric (IEPE) Power Supply provides a constant current source that can be used by piezo-electric sensors, or other Constant Current Power (CCP) devices / sensors.

This portable, rechargeable battery powered device’s flat frequency response provides true, source-accurate broadband data. Both passive and active coupling versions are available. Active versions can be built with custom filtering and amplification. The excitation current is adjustable from 1 mA to 15 mA: in 1 mA steps.

The power supply’s compact design fits seamlessly into any workspace, making it an ideal choice for both small and large testing environments. Versatile, customizable, and reliable – the ASC-1401-SAL is well-suited for precision measurement applications.

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Lead Time

4-6 Weeks

The standard offering is a passive system with unity gain. Custom options are available with a set gain, 50 Ω line driving, and low / high pass filtering (all filtering options specified at 0.1 dB). A-Weighted filtering is also available. Please contact IC2 to discuss your custom requirements.


  • Adjustable Excitation Current: 1-15 mA
  • Large Bandwidth: 0.06 Hz – >1 MHz
  • Low Noise Operation: 70 nV/√Hz
  • Short/Open Circuit Detection
  • Overload Detection
  • Compact design and battery operation suitable for laboratory and field testing


  • Piezo-electric sensor excitation
  • Shock, noise, and vibration testing
  • Pressure sensors and microphones
  • Accelerometers
  Test Conditions MIN TYP MAX UNIT
Frequency Response
    Bandwidth (±3 dB) RL=2.7 kΩ, Exc = 4 mA 0.06 >1M Hz
RL=1.2 kΩ, Exc = 10 mA 0.07 >1M Hz
RL=680 Ω, Exc = 15 mA 0.09 1M Hz
    Bandwidth (± 1 dB) RL=2.7 kΩ, Exc = 4 mA 0.11 >1M Hz
RL=1.2 kΩ, Exc = 10 mA 0.13 >1M Hz
RL=680 Ω, Exc = 15 mA 0.15 800k Hz

    Passive AC Coupling Impedance

100 || 47 kΩ || µF
    Excitation Current 1 15 mA
    Input Compliance Voltage 3.1 28.8 V
    Output Voltage Range -7 7 VP
    Input Voltage Noise f = 0 to 1 kHz 120 µVRMS
    Input Voltage Noise Density f = 10 kHz 0.07 µV/√Hz
    Input Voltage Noise Density f = 100 kHz 0.07 µV/√Hz
    THD + N Ratio f = 1 kHz, Vin = 100 mVPP 0.01 %