A Flush-Mount Sensor Package for a MEMS Piezoelectric Microphone with Through-Silicon-Vias for Aircraft Fuselage Arrays – Hilton Head Workshop Jun 2016

This paper presents the design, fabrication and preliminary testing of a flush-mount sensor die and associated package for an aluminum nitride (AlN) based piezoelectric MEMS microphone for aircraft fuselage arrays. The optimal microphone design is determined using composite plate theory in combination with lumped element modeling. Through-silicon-vias are incorporated into the fabrication of the sensor thus eliminating front-side wire bonds and enabling an overall flush surface for the packaged sensor that minimizes flow disturbance. Frequency response measurements show a comparable sensitivity (13.1 μV/Pa) and significantly higher resonant frequency (194 kHz) than prior piezoelectric aeroacoustic microphones. The developed packaging method for the sensor demonstrates an overall flushness to within 10 μm, showing substantial improvement from any previously reported efforts. This is the first truly flush-mount piezoelectric MEMS microphone with associated packaging that has been developed.

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