A Micromachined Dual-Backplate Capacitive Microphone for Aeroacoustic Measurements – Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems Dec 2007

This paper presents the development of a micro-machined dual-backplate capacitive microphone for aeroacoustic measurements. The device theory, fabrication, and characterization are discussed. The microphone is fabricated using the five-layer planarized-polysilicon SUMMiT V process at Sandia National Laboratories. The microphone consists of a 0.46-mm-diameter 2.25-mum-thick circular diaphragm and two circular backplates. The diaphragm is separated from each backplate by a 2-mum air gap. Experimental characterization of the microphone shows a sensitivity of 390 muV/Pa. The dynamic range of the microphone interfaced with a charge amplifier extends from the noise floor of 41 dB/ rtHz up to 164 dB and the resonant frequency is 178 kHz.

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