A Novel, High-Frequency, Reciprocal Calibration Method for Dynamic Pressure Sensors Used in High-Speed Flows – AIAA Jan 2020

This paper describes a new calibration method capable of replacing shock-tube measurements as a means of obtaining high-frequency calibration data for microphones and dynamic pressure sensors that utilize reciprocal transduction mechanisms (e.g., piezoelectric and electrostatic sensors). The reciprocal nature of these sensors allows the response to be determined over a broad frequency range via electromechanical actuation (up to and beyond 1 MHz) with the potential for NIST traceability, extending the calibration range far beyond what is typically achievable via acoustic calibration methods (∼20 kHz). A piezoelectric aeroacoustic microphone is used to demonstrate the calibration process, showing excellent agreement between the frequency responses measured in an acoustic plane wave tube and using a laser vibrometer. Frequency response data for the microphone is provided up to 200 kHz and for dynamic pressure sensors up to 1.25 MHz (beyond the sensor resonances of 170.7 kHz and 675 kHz, respectively), demonstrating the ability to calibrate sensors over the entire measurement bandwidth.

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