Electronic Product Development

high performance electronics scaled electronic product development,pcb layout,schematic capture,circuit designOptimized circuit design and PCB layout can help take your product design to the next level. Whether you are in the early stages of product development or have an existing product you wish to improve, IC2 can be of service. As specialized electronics consultants, we know the importance of clean, efficient performance and how to get there.

We specialize in bringing customers over the finish line to get your product to the market. IC2 excels in designing and assembling custom circuits in a variety of application spaces. From analog pre-amplifiers and filtering to clean power solutions and digital signal processing, our team has the resources to help you gain that competitive edge.

Amplify Your Circuit’s Potential

Our quality is trusted by leaders in the aerospace and defense industries and IC2’s experienced team of US-based Electrical Engineers is ready to take on your project requirements. With design for manufacturing at the heart of our engineering philosophy, IC2 strives to prepare our customers for transition from prototype to production. IC2’s core business is to design and build custom electronics and sensors for a variety of public and private customers. We constantly work with our customers to improve their processes and designs to meet a wide range of specifications and custom requirements.

Support for the Life-Cycle of Your Product

  • Analog, digital, or mixed systems circuit design, simulation, optimization, schematic capture, and documentation
  • PCB layout with high density surface mount design for low-noise analog / high-speed digital applications and through hole design for high power or other specialized applications
  • Low volume turnkey assembly available for prototyping, testing, and minimum viable product (MVP) runs
  • Bill of Materials (BOM) optimization for manufacturability and cost reduction
  • Circuit performance testing, robust system qualification procedure, manufacturing preparation, and calibration services

High-performance devices require high-performance electronics. Let IC2’s team leverage its experience in low-noise analog electronics design to create an instrumentation-grade solution for your product.

The industry trend to minimize expensive analog circuitry and digitize analog signals as soon as possible has required faster and more efficient digital signal processing than ever before. IC2 has a wealth of experience in both time and frequency domain filtering and analysis for one-dimensional signals such as voltage, current, audio, etc. IC2 has expertise with writing digital signal processing software in high level languages for complex analysis, all the way down to processor specific assembly for the most time sensitive real-time applications.

All industries are benefiting from the advances made in consumer-grade, low cost, digital, embedded electronic devices. Designs are continuing to become less analog and more digital as the power of embedded digital chip sets continue to increase and digital hardware costs continue to drop.

Total system cost for control, filtering, and processing is significantly lower when performed in code versus the alternatives in analog or discrete hardware. IC2 has the experience in embedded systems design that covers the breadth of small, low-cost, 8-bit micro-controllers for the lowest cost/power applications, to fully embedded Linux platforms for high performance control, acquisition, and processing applications.

IC2 has the capabilities to design the high-density, system-on-chip PCB designs required by today’s application processors, and then merge that with a custom crafted build system to meet your application development needs.

Also, if required IC2 can provide all of the application specific code to meet your requirements.

Even the best product will fall short of expectations without a high-quality enclosure. With expertise in benign and harsh-environment enclosure design, IC2 can design an enclosure that will allow your product to look and perform its best.

From component testing through mechanical, electrical, and environmental testing of completed products, IC2 offers a full suite of characterization tools to perform pre-compliance testing. IC2 can also assist with achieving necessary product and safety certifications for the US and abroad.

IC2 is capable of providing R&D prototype and limited-run production services from single PCBs to complete product assemblies. For high-volume production, we can help guide you in evaluating and selecting commercial partners that will meet your needs.

customized electronics design scaled electronic product development,pcb layout,schematic capture,circuit design