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Deep knowledge of sensor technology and delivering scientific-grade precision test and measurement solutions.
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Seasoned Innovators

IC2 brings over 20 years of experience in developing precision sensors for aerospace measurements. With a team of in-house sensor developers, we use industry-proven development techniques to maximize performance. We leverage application-specific transduction methods, rather than a one size fits all approach. This means the best method is chosen for a target application and measurement need. Sometimes the demands of the operating environment (such as ultra-high temperatures) call for optical transduction, while in other applications, capacitive or piezoelectric transduction yields the best performance. Our versatility and experience in these and other techniques ensure that you are getting the optimal sensor for your application.


Experienced Test and Measurement Background

IC2 leverages internal domain expertise in fluid dynamics, aerodynamics & aeroacoustics test when developing new sensors. Our team is actively engaged in the aerosciences research community, continually learning from the latest research in academia and across the industry, in addition to leading and sharing our own research and findings. Members of our team contribute to technical working groups and standards committees across the aerospace and measurement technology industries.

IC2 regularly partners with industry leaders in aerospace vehicle development and testing and works closely with key government R&D labs across NASA and DOD to address critical measurement gaps and continue to push the state of the art in precision sensing.

The end result of this combination of precision sensor expertise and deep aerospace test knowledge is a suite of scientific-grade measurement tools that offer higher bandwidth, greater dynamic range, increased accuracy and precision, and better spatial resolution than the competition; all designed explicitly for the challenging environment of aerospace measurements.


IC2 employs MEMS manufacturing and micromachining to produce our sensors. When used skillfully, MEMS can maximize performance, spatial resolution and consistency (for sensor-to-sensor matching). Our micromachining employs:

  • thin-films for increasing bandwidth and dynamic range
  • photolithographically-defined features for precision, uniformity and high spatial resolution.
  • backside contacts and advanced packaging techniques to enable truly flush-mounted sensors that are hydraulically smooth for minimal flow disturbance.

All our sensors are then put through a rigorous characterization process, including careful calibration and environmental testing to ensure accuracy and operability in their application settings. 


Our Leadership Team

David Mills, Ph.D.

David Mills, Ph.D.


Chip Patterson, Ph.D.

Chip Patterson, Ph.D.

Vice President

Mark Sheplak, Ph.D.

Mark Sheplak, Ph.D.

Chief Scientist / Founder

Jim Underbrink

Jim Underbrink

Senior Technical Fellow