IC2 Awarded Air Force Contract to Develop a High-Frequency Pressure Sensor Calibration Method

by | Jan 8, 2018 | Announcements, Contract Wins

IC2 is pleased to announce that the Air Force has awarded the company an STTR Phase I contract to develop a novel, high-frequency dynamic pressure sensor calibration method and accompanying calibration system for sensors used in the measurement of high-speed flows.  Current calibration techniques are insufficient to fully characterize these sensors at desired MHz operational frequencies.  The proposed sensor calibration method and accompanying calibration system addresses this need by directly enabling high frequency calibration of dynamic pressure sensors without the problems associated with pressure-driven calibration.

The innovation surmounts the limitations of current calibration approaches, while providing  fast, repeatable calibrations with high accuracy and with potential for NIST traceability and industry standardization.  The realization of this capability not only benefits Air Force high speed flow measurement facilities, but positively impacts other government, academic and commercial facilities performing measurements in high speed airflows, including fundamental research and hypersonic vehicle development efforts.

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